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Retirement from Star Trek: The Current Version

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Retirement from Star Trek: The Current Version
 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:49 pm Reply with quote  
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To the Knight’s Who Gamealot,

Effective this day I will be retiring from the current version of Star Trek that we have been participating in. Events within the group, home life and work have led me to believe it is in my best interest to retire from the current game.

I am willing to participate in a manner such as coinich has been doing as Admiral Roughgarden. I will assume whatever role desired for Alric Kent is a similar manner. However, I will not be participating in any regularly scheduled games effective this posting.

I have taken a look back at the history of our Star Trek Campaign world, which leads all the way back to the mid-1980s. coinich invited me into his campaign at a little game store in Norfolk, VA. I began with Captain “Sparky” Andrews, CO of the USS Kashmir (go figure). Prior to the end of coinich’s campaign, Sparky had gotten command of a Reliant Class Cruiser – the USS Odessa. As I left Norfolk behind, so I left Star Trek: the RPG.

In the late 80s, Task Force 10 came about as Brother Artemis and I began gaming here on Long Island. Still in the role of Captain Andrews, others joined the group and a campaign world continued to grow. The command and control NPCs were based on characters created by coinich but expanded upon nicely by Brother Artemis. Artemis created the “Pirate Pursuit Group” working The Triangle and allowing other PCs the command of their vessels, similar to how we do things now. At some point the campaign slowed and we moved on by the mid-90s.

As computers and the internet grew, so did some of the aspects of the Star Trek RPG world. Task Force 16 was born out of a Star Trek Computer game and managed online. coinich and Brother Artemis as well as a few online folk built and ran Task Force 16 within this environment in the mid to late 90’s. This game and organization has also drifted away.
As the 21st Century came upon us, Brother Artemis gave a few of us a stint at Star Fleet Academy. Here is where Vincere, Cassandra, Dillon Lux and Kernan (D-12) were born as characters. Time at the Academy ended relatively quickly though. But following the Academy a group began to form on the USS Samurai under the Command of Captain Dillon K'hol. We have now grown to seven main vessels and a slew of minor vessels commanded by Player Characters. Each player is trying to manage nearly a dozen characters each. It has become daunting, to say the least.

Players have been unable to fulfill some of their character background information and even their plans going forward, myself included. Our weekly host (who doesn’t have a log-in for this site) has always taken the time and made the effort to keep the group cohesive. I have greatly appreciated his efforts. However, even the Star Trek series personnel couldn’t keep it all together over a bunch of different shows and films. Even the great show we base our game on has taken a break.

The series has been reborn at times, similar to our aforementioned Campaign history. Shows have run simultaneously. The characters change and time moves on, both for the participants (actors) and the characters. That time has come for me. The world created by coinich, Brother Artemis and myself has changed drastically over the last near 20 years. Our weekly host has tried to keep it all together and working. We have had great contributions for the various players within the group. It is now a history and world which we have all written.

I wish to continue ‘guest appearances’ at Conventions and play aboard the USS Thomas Hayward, a “Movie Era” campaign run by coinich. I very much look forward to the players currently fulfilling their parts aboard the Hayward. If the Task Force continues and Kent has a role, I will manage it remotely as the Admiral has. A CON Game is always possible, as they usually have been the ‘film’ version of the weekly ‘series’ version. But, again, I am withdrawing from the weekly series.

For the most part it has been fun. I am proud of the campaign world we have all created and grown. I need to move on to other things and ask that we take a look at our own site here and remember it is not all just about Star Trek.

We have all taken treks into other arenas. Let us be the Knights Who Gamealot.

Thanks for the memories,

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:39 pm Reply with quote  
  Brother Artemis
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Not to steal Lukedev's spotlight or follow on his coattails, but I too feel that it is time to retire from this version of Star Trek. Truthfully, I was hoping that the transition to 3 ships would have sparked a greater interest for me, however it was not to be.

Lukedev gave a great synopsis of the Campaign setting that we all built over many different systems, multiple decades and many different players. It has been a long run with many hiatuses.

I will follow the boards and possibly play on special occasions, but for now it is time for me to step aside.

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:22 pm Reply with quote  
  Justin Chase
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garethvincere, LukeDev75., and Brother Artemis are possibly gone.

I'm sorry to see them go and I will keep their seats warm if they decide to return.

Since I am never invited to anything else, other than Star Trek TF16, I'm going to fight to keep it alive.
Mystopheles and I are willing to continue on and pick up some of the slack. Now that we are finally down to 3 ships, let see how this goes.

Who's coming with us and will be part of the new beginning?

I have tons of new kinds of adventures waiting to go and new ideas. Cool

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